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Creative Path

Joseph, a Philadelphia native, found his artistic calling through skateboarding and photography. Initially pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Finance at La Salle University, he later transitioned to a full-time artistic pursuit, establishing the MCCLOZKEY Art Studio, LLC in 2020.

His unique "love language" style, utilizing Roman numeral encryption on a T9 cellphone keypad, transforms words into numeric code. This distinctive form of expression results in intricate compositions resembling hieroglyphics or binary code.

Joseph's diverse portfolio ranges from vibrant abstract pieces to monochromatic works, influenced by modern interior design and abstract art luminaries like Jean Michel Basquiat.

His artistic achievements include displays in private collections, galleries, and exclusive clubs across the Hamptons and the US. In 2023, Joseph joined a creative partnership with Porsche, and has also been commissioned for the company's President. His masterpieces adorn healthcare organizations, medical offices, and corporate settings nationwide, with commissioned projects for organization CEO's and Executive Teams.

Maintaining relationships with private collectors and businesses, Joseph's overarching mission is to enrich lives through his creativity, fostering a sense of connection and added value to others. 

Contemporary Artist / Owner of MCCLOZKEY Modern Art - Joseph Daniel MCCLOZKEY

Love Language Style

Joseph’s unique artistic language, known as "love language," characterized by Roman numeral encryption. This cryptic form of expression involves translating words, quotes, and personal journal entries into numeric code using a T9 cellphone keypad, where each number corresponds to a letter. The resulting compositions often resemble intricate bodies of text, hieroglyphics, or even binary code. Within each meticulously crafted painting lies the intention to explore profound subjects, including psychology and the growth mindset, among others. His portfolio spans a spectrum from vibrant and abstract compositions to striking monochromatic works, skillfully informed by his study of modern interior design aesthetics  and influenced by abstract  art  luminaries  such  as  Jean  Michel Basquiat.

Love Language abstract artwork style in black and white completed in white floater shadow box frame, with dimensions of 40 x 40 in by contemporary artist Joseph Daniel Mcclozkey - of MCCLOZKEY Modern Art

Abstract Style

Joseph’s abstract work, characterized by its fluid brush strokes and the use of Roman numeral language, skillfully depicts the delicate balance between chaos and order. Each artwork tells a distinct story rooted in psychology and personal experience, expertly fusing spontaneous creativity with a purposeful selection of materials. The result is a mesmerizing interplay of colors, emotions and thoughts meticulously crafted on canvas.

Love Language abstract artwork style in blue and gold completed in gold floater shadow box frame, with dimensions of 40 x 40 in by contemporary artist Joseph Daniel Mcclozkey - of MCCLOZKEY Modern Art

Growth Style

Joseph's  Growth  paintings  are  powerful  symbols  of  personal  development, encompassing a wide array of life’s dimensions, including personal and career growth, spiritual, financial, social, physical, and intellectual advancement. Each artwork  embodies  the  notion  that  growth  is  a  responsibility  for  those courageous enough to seek it, acknowledge it, and take action. These paintings are a testament to Joseph's  unwavering  belief  that  every individual  harbors  the potential  forgrowth,  irrespective  of  their  current  life  circumstances.  They  stand  as  a  reminder,  much  like  the handwritten statements of encouragement adorning Joseph's workspace, with examples such as "Failure is not an option," "Winning Streak," and "Love the discipline you know, and let it support you." These inspirational quotes are drawn from a variety of sources, including family members, celebrities, and historical figures. Through his art, Joseph serves as a profound reminder of how continuous growth leads  to  a  deeper  self-understanding  and  enriches  the  lives  we  lead. It underscores the importance of each day's progress in building a foundation for a more fulfilling present and a brighter future.

Growth series paintings tree style by contemporary artist - Joseph Daniel MCCLOZKEY, in navy blue, white and gold in gold floater shadow box frame .

Mixed Media Style

Joseph's mixed media creations draw upon his deep-rooted passion for photography, seamlessly integrating images of celebrities, automobiles, and iconic logos into his artistic compositions. While employing a fusion of his various styles, his primary objective is to encapsulate meticulously crafted moments, capturing the raw emotion of renowned figures, the kinetic energy of vehicles, and the visual essence of well-recognized brands. This artistic amalgamation results in an evocative and immersive visual narrative that engages viewers with its striking interplay of elements.

Audrey Hepburn artwork, abstract and modern mixed media style by contemporary artist - Joseph Daniel MCCLOZKEY
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